Reiki Energy Healing

What is reiki???? Reiki is a spiritual energy which refers to “life force energy.” Other variations you may be familiar with are “chi” “Qi” or “Prana.”

    It is the laying on of hands in a non intrusive way to clear blockages throughout your body. The reiki energy is channeled through the practioner to the client. It effects the whole body, mind and spirit, encouraging deep relaxation, a sense of well being and to help assist the physical body in its healing.  It is NOT a cure for medical conditions, but can be used in addition to treatments as a complimentary holistic therapy. This can be done in person or distance reiki healing. 
      I have recieved Level I/ II/ and Master Reiki Attunements over the past 15 years, mostly working on myself, my family and our animals, but feel called to work on the community around me.
     Beginning in Spring 2024 I will begin offering Creekside Reiki Healings as well as Reiki Shares here at Coyote Valley Art Farm in Otto, NC. 
     I hope you will join me on this journey

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